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[楽] 7117. hahaha

ユーザ名(Username): Tsubasa
日時: 2011/7/14(10:51)


Hi, sloppy-san and emmie-san

Sending fan messages and getting replies!
Sounds super fantastic! I've never tried nor imagined such a fab way to
show my love and gratitude to my favorite writers for their fine works!
I'll try it sooner or later, because there are many writers I want to send my
enthusiastic feelings to! Thanks for sharing the good story with us, sloppy-san^^

Well, well, well,

Emmie-san, I sort of understand what you say because I also love beautiful people ...
However, you know, writers write their wonderful stories with their wonderful hearts, not with thier faces!!!^^;)
Don't be picky about them who are always giving us great dreams^^!!

(Still I say, I understand how you feel, though^^;)



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