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7114. Re: Seriously?...

ユーザ名(Username): emmie
日時: 2011/7/14(07:23)


Hi good morning sloppie-san...

It's early in the morning, around 7, but I'm already feeling that my brain is bubbling and hissing and melting...
So, my reply would not make sense or make you upset, hey, I still don't understand upset can be that strong word..., anyway,..

>I'm very excited to write about this book because I've been waiting for it for almost 7 months!

WOW, finally!

>Well, it's a long story...
>To short, emmie sent me a coupon of the Book Depository and I ordered cute picture books.
>It was a Christmas present from emmie and also myself.
>Yes, it was a "pre-order", and finally yesterday "Otto The Book Bear" arrived!!
>From UK! Safely!

I was again shocked and almost jumped to the where? to see my name mentioned. Huh, Oh, I sent you a present! GOSH, it seems I can be such a kind person sometimes. Well, that's news to myself...
I'm glad a-present-from-me-presumably helped you in some way to be happy right in this hot days.

>The illustration is so adorable.
>And guess what?
>I'm following/followed by the author on twitter, and she gave me a message!
>I'm so happy.

Yeah! A message from the author!!
How many messages hove you got so far? I mean how many authors replied to you?
I remember it's three for me, but maybe you got more, right?
It's truly exciting to find an author you want to be a fan and easily have a way to reach to that person.

You know, there is this author I'm feverishly reading whose titles lately and I'm wondering if I should send him a message from GR, but but, one little concern keeps me from sending one. It's often the case for authors abroad to show their faces as many places as possible, right? but I've not found any pictures of him and it makes me wonder that he could not be that cool guy as the characters in his books... ^^;;;

It might going to be a terrible blow when you have a splendid image of a person, then it's totally turned upside down... Do you know who I'm talking about? He's the author of the mystery which you were not into... Have you ever seen his picture or something? If you do, let me know!

We've got to fight with unbelievable heat today again, so drink tea a lot and take care!



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