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[♪] 5225. Re: Gogyouka Junction

ユーザ名(Username): さかい
日時: 2010/1/4(21:08)


Happy, merry new year to you to, Chico!
Sakai here.

Very perceptive, emmie. Well done!

My own reaction is right at the end of this post...

>A happy merry new year to you all!!!

>昨年の11月あたりから、Gogyhoka Junctionというサイトで遊ばせてもらってます。

>In America, there is a tradition of making a resolution for the New Year. Many people pick things like eating healthier food, exercising more, or cleaning out their closet. Our New Year's Resolution was inspired by Chico's experience with Aidu's blog--Chico discovered the blog, posted poems and Aidu recommended Gogyohka Junction. As we all know, Chico has been all over the Junction since late November.

>With this in mind it's our goal to have 1000 Earthers (one who walks the earth, as opposed to Japan or America or Russia or Eygpt) writing Gogyohka in English by the end of March 2010 when Enta will visit New York. How wonderful would it be to present the pioneer of Gogyohka with a thriving community from the English Gogyohka frontier! And so we are asking all of you to go out to your friends, acquaintances and whoever you see as a potential Gogyohkan, teach them the form if they don't know it already and ask them to post poems and comments on Gogyohka Junction.

>If each of us introduce Gogyohka to 2 people, then the membership of the Junction will rise to more than 100. If these 100 find 2 more people to write Gogyohka, we will have 300 members!

>They say all people are separated by 6 degrees of separation. If Gogoyhka travels 6 degrees across each Gogyohkan, we will stretch across the whole Earth, we are convinced.

>If you have not yet visited Aidu’s blog, check it out. He posts Gogyohka from all different people, and encourages all who read them to write their own, no matter the person’s origin, age, or skill level. What matters is that they are expressing themselves. It is this spirit that led Peter to call Aidu a “Gogyohka Missionary."

>So now I invite all of you to become Gogyohka Missionaries, too, and help transform as many folks as possible into Gogyohkans as well, in the spirit of Chico's poem

>see you
>at the Junction
>where we can weave
>a tale

>Let’s weave a tale of Earthers!

>Happy New Year,
>Peter and Pegu


>みなさんもぜひ、遊びに行ってみてください。Goyohka Junctionです。

I am yet to visit Gogyoka Junction, but your proposal gave me an idea.

The village will have an international airport ONE DAY,
so we should have a Gogyoka Junction there too, shouldn't we?

We'll have lots of fun communicating with people around the world!



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