Re: Rio and Gettysburg?

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129. Re: Rio and Gettysburg?

ユーザ名(Username): WhiteGoat
日時: 2010/5/12(01:14)


Hi, さかい先生. I'm White Goat.
Thanks for your reply.

>Hi, Whitegoat and other friends,

>Sakai here.

>>Hi, everyone. I'm White Goat.

>>I don't go anywhere to go on holiday.
>>Because my children take their sportclubs everyday during this GW.

>  That's what parenting is all about, isn't it?

That's right!

>>I'd like to introduce you to this famous speech.

-> I'd like to introduce this famous speech to you.

>>Severn Suzuki, a twelve-year-old girl, made it at the UN Earth Summit in 1992.
>>I think many people here might have watched it.
>>I was deeply moved. I think it is useful to learn English.


>  I watched this one and greatly moved.
>  She actually believes what she is saying!

>  It reminded me of William Saroyan's My Name Is Aram,
> in which the boy Aram gives a beautiful speech at his school event.
> (It must have been as beautiful as the girls in the YouTube clip!)
> His granpa hears through it and says afterward that it was a beautiful
> speech but Aram was a fool to really believe in what he said.

> I guess I'm just about as old as Aram's granpa now.

Thank you for your information.
I will read William Saroyan's My Name Is Aram.
I searched for the book by using some library's searching systems.
I couldn't find it out even at the National Diet Library.
So I'll buy it.

>>And I'd like to introduce you to another speech.

-> And I'd like to introduce another speech.

>>A two-year-old baby made it in his or her house.
>>I think some people here might have watched it.
>>I was very surprised. Surely babies are super.


>>It's my pleasure if you like them.

>>♪Happy listening♪

>I'm not quite sure I liked the baby's speech as much as the one by
>the twelve-year-old girl...

>You see, it's quite different from the first one in that the girl
>truly believed what she was saying whereas the baby doesn't!

>Am I too cynical here, I wonder?

>Thanks anyway, Whitegoat-san!
>Tell us if you find any other good clip in YouTube or elsewhere.

>Happy hunting!


See you! ♪Happy reading♪



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