Re: 【準備オフ・前夜祭】お知らせ&参加確認

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38. Re: 【準備オフ・前夜祭】お知らせ&参加確認

ユーザ名(Username): emmie
日時: 2010/11/3(15:02)


Hi Chico,

So, You're not likely to give up on things you're crazy about undone. ha ha
I don't think Mr. Sakai has a toaster in his office, but if you're willing to bring one from your home, then we might be able to enjoy the original plan of yours. ^^
(I can't say you can use a toaster in the room where the festiv is held, but I'm sure you can use it in his office.^^)
I'm kind of on a diet now since my bakc and spine won't be able to support m y weight if I don'tlose some, but I'll take a break and enjoy your treat!!

See you soon!



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