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[くぅ] 35. M・A・N・G・A!

ユーザ名(Username): リボン
日時: 2011/3/7(09:45)


It's been a while!!
This is ribbon^^

I'm writing now because my mother said that if I turn 18, I won't be able to write here.
I 'm still 16 though^^;

My school's already spring vacation!!
I have many free time so I'm reading many English!!
But to tell you the truth, almost all is manga^^;

Manga I really like now is
Nurarihyon no mago (in English, it's NURA:RISE OF THE YOKAI CLAN and I don't like this title)
Fairy tail
Vampire knight
Katekyo hitman reborn

I also read
One piece
Full metal alchemist
Tegami bachi
and maybe more!

While I'm reading, I found many mistakes!
Like it has to be "he" but it's "she" or the script is reversed.

It's fun to read in both in English and Japanese.
I can find some sentences that are changed.

I'm starting to think that my speed to read English is faster than several weeks ago when I was doing nothing^0^
Because of this, I'm able to read many manga but there's only few manga that I haven't read is left.

Maybe, I'll start reading books again.
The book I want to read now is Gosick.
I learned about this book in English first.
When I was reading this book at school in Reading class, some friends told me that it's doing anime on TV.
I'm watching anime but not reading now^^;
Anime is fun so I'm thinking that I should start reading in English.

Happy manga reading!


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