Re: 【'T was fun! 日本語タドキストと一緒にオフ@池袋  報告】

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3238. Re: 【'T was fun! 日本語タドキストと一緒にオフ@池袋  報告】

ユーザ名(Username): emmie
日時: 2011/8/17(12:29)





When I reached up to the top floor of Jyunkudou, I was caught by a call of "emmie-san" and found a girl sitting and staring at me with a biiig smile on her face. It was so out of the blue that I was taken aback and lost my words. I stool still for a moment..., then I came to realize it was Ko....-chan!!! It's been several months since I saw her last and oh, my, she's grown up! She was happy and energetic as ever. ^^ Then after a moment, we saw a tall non-Japanese guy and thought he must have been the very person we were supposed to me and said hello, but..., no, he was not... what sloppy comrades we are!
Anyway, we were able to take the guest from America to many places where many otaku overseas might be dying to visit and had really fun and exciting time together.

(Now, I'm wondering I should be a volunteer tour guide for Otome Road if I were to regain my full health... in [url:] )



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